(compiled by Hans-Peter Korn, based on the bibliography compiled by Martin Gill, see: http://www.dryw.freeserve.co.uk/moreno.html)

Jacob Levi Moreno M.D.


May 18th, 1889 born in Bucharest

1893  He organised his playmates into dramatic enactment of heaven. Warmed up and in the role of God one of the other children suggested that, He, God should have no trouble flying from a tower of chairs. Obliging them and confident of his success he fell and broke his arm! Moreno later claimed that this experience contained most of the elements of psychodrama, including, we hope, insight.

The same year he and his family moved to Vienna,  living in a flat in the house Castellezgasse 15  

1896 Sigmund Freud used the term "Psychoanalyse" the first time
1900 Sigmund Freud published his book "Die Traumdeutung"
1904 His family moved to Berlin and 1905 to Chemnitz. 

1909 - 1917 He studies at the University of Vienna mathematics and philosophy.   Went on to join the medical school there, received M.D. degree. He attended one of Freud’s lectures at the University of Vienna 
He spent time with children in the "Augarten", a park near the city, using improvised stories. He noted their behaviour and natural use of space. 

1913 -1914 Group psychotherapy applied to deviants, Vienna.

1916 Letter to the Hungarian ministry suggesting use of a sociometric scheme for the reorganisation of a resettlement community, The term "Sociometry" was used for the first time.
1918 - 1925  Private practice in medicine in Bad Vöslau (near Vienna)

1921 First large scale public session of Psychodrama at the Komödienhaus, Vienna

1922 Sigmund Freud delivered the paper:
“Group dynamics and the Analysis of the Ego”

 1922  Opening of the Stegreiftheater (Theatre of Spontaneity) in Vienna (Maysedergasse, same building as today's Hotel Astoria)

1924 Die Lebendige Zeitung. The living Newspaper. (Improvisation Theatre) Vienna.

1925 Emigration to US
Also a year of personal crisis involving breaking off an engagement to a young woman in Vienna and shortly after his arrival in America the death of his father.

1925 Plymouth Church, Brooklyn, N.Y.
Psychodrama applied to a Sunday school; demonstration of psychodrama at Mount Sinai Hospital, Department of Pediatrics.

1926 Marries Beatrice Beecher.

1927 Awarded New York Medical licence

1929-1930 Impromptu Theatre, Carnegie Hall, combining group psychotherapy with psychodrama sessions. 

1931 Sociometric studies at schools and prisons. Invention of the sociogram.

1932 Group psychotherapy, sociometry and role playing are discussed.at first Round Table Conference on Group Psychotherapy at the American Psychiatric Association in Philadelphia

1932-1938 Long range sociometric resaerch with Helen H. Jenning. at school

1932 Birth of Augusto Boal
1936 First Theatre of Psychodrama, Beacon, N.Y.

1937 Founding of SOCIOMETRY: A Journal of Inter Personal Relations,

1938 Marries Florence Bridge.

1939 Sigmund Freud died in London
1939 Birth of daughter Regina.
1940 Birth of Steve de Shazer
1941 Theatre of Psychodrama at St. Elizabeth's Hospital, Washington, D.C. (Dr. Winfred Overholser, Margaret Hagan).

1942 Founding Sociometric Institute and New York Theatre of Psychodrama in New York City.(Renamed "Moreno Institute" in 1951)

1945-1946 Founding of the American Sociometric Association.

1946 Elected Fellow, Amarican Psychiatric Association

1948 Sociometric Institute, Paris.

1951 Founds international committee of Group psychotherapy.

1949 Marries Zerka Toeman.

1952 Birth of son Johnathan

1954 First International Congress of Group Psychotherapie, Toronto

1959 Lectures in soviet union.

1964 First International congress of Psychodrama, Paris.

1968 First International Congress of Sociometry, Baden, Austria

1969 Receives Golden Doctor diploma from University of Vienna;

1971 Augusto Boal started to create the "The Theatre of the Oppressed" 

1973 Founds International Association of group Psychotherapy.

May14, 1974 Dies at home in Beacon,NY, aged 85
....leaving a growing world of psychodrama behind!
1978 Steve de Shazer became Director and Insoo Kim Berg Executive Director
of Brief Family Therapy Center 

1979 Augusto Boal published the book "The Theatre of the Oppressed"

1982 Steve de Shazer published his book "Patterns of Brief Family Therapy"
1985 Steve de Shazer published his book: "Keys to Solution in Brief Therapy"

1996   Moreno Institute re-opened under the direction of Marc Treadwell, with the blessing of Zerka T. Moreno


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